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CrossKnowledge and Elucidat Announce Global Partnership

London (UK), December 2020 - CrossKnowledge, a leader in high impact digital learning solutions and Elucidat, an award-winning eLearning authoring platform for big employers, recently announced a new partnership to help clients speed and scale up the delivery of personalized and engaging training for large enterprises through eLearning.

The partnership comes at a crucial moment, with online-only training becoming the norm for most organizations. CrossKnowledge chose Elucidat and its interactive authoring platform because it seamlessly complements CrossKnowledge's blended learning approach. Elucidat enables organizations to move away from the virtual classroom and to produce eLearning content on an unprecedented scale super fast.

"What makes this partnership exciting for us is that CrossKnowledge and Elucidat share a common vision in delivering great customer experience through relevant and high impact learning," said Guillaume Gérard, VP Operations of CrossKnowledge. "And what separates Elucidat is its ability to empower L&D teams through shared knowledge, while also creating eLearning content at a lower cost, at larger scale, with the greatest amount of ease for all participants in the process.

"We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Elucidat, an award-winning eLearning authoring tool. Paired up with the full CrossKnowledge learning technology suite, we are set to provide large employers with the most comprehensive and impactful skill building offering on the market. We believe Elucidat is the best tool in the market for scalable and easy content creation, offering our clients a complete and collaborative workflow for efficient content creation governance, advanced customization possibilities, and unprecedented ease of use for the industrialization of content creation."
CrossKnowledge's blended learning approach includes a wide range of engaging digital learning activities, social capabilities, coaching, assessments, and more. Elucidat, a powerful authoring platform that makes creating engaging eLearning easy and super fast, complements this perfectly. The partnership is grounded in a firm emphasis on people-centered learning and impact. This shared vision is what initially brought the two companies together.
"Partnering with a top digital learning company like CrossKnowledge is a fantastic opportunity to show the genuine business impact eLearning and blended learning strategies can have within an organization," said Simon Greany, co-founder and chief product officer at Elucidat. "But just as important, it shows that employee training is increasingly becoming people centered. Companies are turning more and more to personalized training drawn from all parts of an organization, and this is engaging, respects people's time, and drives business objectives."