Cyberify Launches Innovative Next Generation Cybersecurity Services

New York, NY (USA), May 2024 - Cyberify, a pioneering cybersecurity services company, has announced the launch of its comprehensive suite of next-generation cybersecurity services and technologies. As the digital landscape evolves, Cyberify is dedicated to ensuring that organizations are well prepared and equipped to meet the challenges of modern cyber threats.

Cyberify's unique approach combines cutting-edge technological solutions with a human-centric methodology. Through a series of immersive workshops, Cyberify prepares organizations to transition from traditional security mindsets to a more dynamic, digital-focused approach. This proprietary method involves taking select groups within an organization through the paces that cover crucial aspects required for successful security transformation.

The workshops focus on key areas such as leadership mindset evolution, effective communication strategies, problem identification, and solution development, while at the same time being deeply technical. By addressing common patterns and anti-patterns, Cyberify ensures that participants are not only aware of the necessary shifts, but are also capable of implementing them. Post-workshop, a specialized dashboard is provided as a leave-behind for leadership, enabling them to measure the effectiveness and impact of the training on their teams.

Simultaneously, Cyberify aids organizations in executing advanced security measures through bespoke hands-on labs and foundational services, including risk assessments, security analysis, and strategic planning. The company’s expertise extends to designing solutions in emerging technologies such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence, zero-trust architectures, and cyber resilience.

The team at Cyberify is led by seasoned veterans and former leaders of Cloud Technology Partners, which was acquired by HPE in 2017. The executive suite includes Mark Gilmor, HPE's former Chief Strategist for their Pointnext Security Group; Jonathan Baier, former Chief Architect at ADP and acclaimed technology author and cloud leader; Dan Griffith, former Director of Global Delivery at ClearScale; and Ravi Ravoory, a specialist in AI Security & Quantum Safe Computing. With their extensive experience and knowledge, this accomplished group forms the cornerstone of Cyberify's establishment, providing a solid foundation for its success.

"Our mission at Cyberify is to dual-arm organizations with the knowledge to prepare for and the tools to execute the next generation of cybersecurity solutions," said Mark Gilmor, Managing Principal of Cyberify. "We believe that a blend of robust technology and a transformative human-centric approach is key to navigating and excelling in today's complex cybersecurity environment."

Cyberify looks to all organizations seeking to enhance their cybersecurity measures and strategies to explore our new services and discover how the firm can support them in achieving a secure digital future.