Global Knowledge

Cybersecurity for the Home of Computer Science

Wokingham (UK), January 2019 - Global Knowledge, a worldwide leader in technology skills solutions, has partnered with Qufaro, operator of the UK's Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in cybersecurity, to provide apprenticeship training in the UK.

The program is being delivered from the iconic Bletchley Park location, home of the WW2 "code breakers", and considered by many to be the birthplace of computer science. Todd Johnstone, CEO, Global Knowledge, said, "It is exciting to be working with Qufaro to provide a new generation of professionals with the skills they need to have great careers and help organizations protect their people and assets.

"To protect an organization effectively, everyone from the mailroom to the boardroom needs to have the skills and awareness to recognize and protect against cyber threats. This program gets to the heart of that by developing talent and future proofing capabilities into the next generation."

The apprenticeships program, aimed particularly at school leavers, will give young people the skills that industry needs. The global cost of cybercrime is as much as $600 billion, about 0.8% of global GDP. According to the latest Global information security workforce study from ISC, there are up to 2.9 million information security-related roles unfilled worldwide, including nearly 500,000 in North America and 142,000 in EMEA.

The training is delivered by Global Knowledge's UK Apprenticeships division, which provides large blue chip corporate clients with apprenticeship and talent development programs in partnership with Bletchley Park Qufaro.

Dr Budgie Dhanda, CEO, Qufaro, said, "We are delighted to be partnering with Global Knowledge in this exciting endeavor. With 150 students already graduating from our EPQ, we are very aware of the demand for quality qualifications in cybersecurity, as well as the needs of industry to attract and develop talent to meet their needs. Working together, we will deliver a scalable program to meet the needs of large and small employers alike.

"Being based at Bletchley Park, we have the opportunity to immerse students in the historic legacy of the early pioneers of computing, as well as enthusing them with the emerging challenges of today and tomorrow."

Bletchley Park Qufaro was formed in 2015 to grow the UK's national cybersecurity talent pool by finding and developing talented individuals and providing them with support to enter university, apprenticeships, and employment.