Future Oriented

D2L Partners with ASAE and Association Forum

Toronto (CA), March 2024 - D2L, a global learning technology company, recently shared two new strategic partnerships with the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and Association Forum. Both future-oriented organizations are dedicated to helping the advancement of the association management profession and have selected D2L as a partner to help provide learning solutions, best practices, and industry-specific insights to their constituents, helping boost their membership engagement and experience.

"In pursuit of excellence, associations recognize that providing enduring and relevant learning programs is a fundamental component of their mission to help protect, promote, and advance their respective industries", said Bill Sheehan, Global Head of Associations Strategy at D2L. "As leaders in lifelong learning and strong believers in collaboration, connection, and leadership through education, we are proud to be working with ASAE and Association Forum and support them in their mission to empower association professionals in a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry."

Serving communities comprised of thousands of association professionals, ASAE and Association Forum are critical learning hubs for the development of their members. The organizations look to provide their constituents with networking opportunities and compelling experiences, and to help create connections to powerful resources that fuel their professional advancement.

For over a century, ASAE has been the Center for Association Leadership in Washington, DC, and their driving cause remains unchanged: to help associations and professionals advance members' careers and foster an involved community that inspires change through learning and collaboration.

"Our relationship with D2L is rooted in shared values and incredible alignment," said Derek Saunders, Associate Director, Partner Experience at ASAE. "D2L is a partner that understands the importance of enabling learning for professionals, and we are confident that they can provide a lot of value to our members. We are excited to grow together."

Founded in 1916, Association Forum is the "Association for Associations in Chicago," and serves a vibrant community of 4,000+ members who represent more than 44,000 association professionals from over 1,700 Chicago organizations. Committed to elevating the association-management profession, the organization guides members in current industry challenges and opportunities and acts as a bridge between association executives and professionals to explore ideas and learn from each other.

"It is at the core of our priorities to connect our members to knowledgeable and trusted sources of information in our space, and D2L is exactly that," said Phyllis Scott, Senior Director, Business Operations at Association Forum. "As a strong thought leader in the association industry, we are certain that D2L is equipped with the knowledge and passion we seek in a partner, and we can't wait to see the one-of-a-kind member experiences that we will create collaboratively."