Eplan Update Training 2024

ELearning Courses Bring Quick Success

Monheim (GER), November 2023 - Discover new functions, get tips for engineering, and simply work more efficiently: with Eplan's eLearning courses, the sky's the limit for users.

Solutions provider Eplan supplies its users worldwide with valuable training content in up to sixteen languages. What's special about them is that all the eLearning courses comply with international standards and are fully localised.

A brand-new addition is the Eplan Update Training 2024, which makes it easier for users to get started and presents new functions such as mathematical calculations for block properties.

eLearning is a form of self-study that has been well received and is becoming increasingly widespread. Eplan, a solutions provider, has made significant investments in this field since 2020 due to its customer-oriented focus and provides numerous eLearning courses.

Eplan's Head of Professional Education, Dr Dusko Lukac, explains, "Our goal is that our users work as efficiently as possible with Eplan. With the update trainings in the eLearning format, we present them the software's new features. Our experience shows that when users make full use of the software, they also have the greatest success in project planning and engineering."

The Eplan Platform 2024 has been available since September 2023, and there is a great need amongst users to take a closer look at the new functions. The new eLearning course "Eplan Update Training 2024" has 18 individual modules and provides valuable support for crucial innovations - for example, dealing with the mathematical calculations for block properties in Eplan.

These allow statistical comparisons to be made or the appropriate protective device to be determined to name just two examples. Other Eplan Platform topics are also addressed in the current eLearning course modules for Version 2024 and are divided into the following six topic areas:

  • User interface (greater ease of use)
  • Block properties (complex calculations)
  • Terminals (optimised Terminal Editor)
  • PLC (improvements to symbolic addresses)
  • Eplan Platform (optimisations in the new version)
  • Eplan Pro Panel (total weight calculation for control cabinets, navigation cube, and more)

What do the eLearning courses look like? An intro at the beginning explains the new functions. It then moves into in-depth content with engineering on the Eplan Platform.

A brief quiz at the end of every eLearning course gives the participants the security of knowing they have understood the topic. As far as time is concerned, a user should spend 30 to 45 minutes per module on average to get up to speed in the respective topic.

Meanwhile, there are around 1,500 eLearning courses available in up to 16 languages- including Japanese and Chinese as examples - and what's unique is that all the contents are completely localised! Users don't have to settle for reading subtitles, but instead get course contents worldwide adapted to their specific language. Brief, interactive learning modules, customised to international standards, ensure quick, self-paced learning success for users around the globe.

Access is free for subscription clients, as well as for teachers and students in the Eplan Education area. Users can simply log onto the website, start the appropriate eLearning course, and ensure that they can engineer efficiently with the newest functions.