Market Research

Empathy and Customer Support Valued Highly by eCom Customers

Dunfermline (SCT), April 2022 - Market research by the digital learning and assessment specialist eCom Learning Solutions has highlighted that those in the market for eLearning and eAssessment materials are heavily influenced in their purchasing decisions by the level of customer support that producers offer.

"Before potential clients commission work, they decide what they think of the suppliers," explained eCom's Chair, Linda Steedman. "This decision, as you'd expect, is based on the suppliers' competency but also, significantly, on the empathy they feel they have with the suppliers.

"We've discovered that the purchasing decision is based on competency, reliability, and integrity, but it's establishing empathy with the customer that gets you through the door and keeps you there. This has led us to put great emphasis on customer care and support, and our customers are telling us that this is keeping us ahead of our competitors."

This emphasis on customer care and support fits well with eCom's culture. Wholly female-owned and run, eCom is, demonstrably, an equal opportunities employer, fully embracing diversity in the workplace among its workforce. This strategy has helped eCom to become a truly global company since 2020, with over half of its annual revenue now generated outside the UK.

Earlier this year, to reflect this shift in its trading patterns, the company changed its name from eCom Scotland to eCom Learning Solutions - updating its website in the process and stressing its emphasis on customer care.

"We try to be our customers' trusted, reliable and preferred partner - and strive to make our team members a highly visual part of the entire customer experience," commented eCom's Managing Director, Wendy Edie. "Achieving the high levels of customer care to which we aspire involves being accessible, kind, courteous, responsive, and professional, listening carefully to customers' issues and concerns - and then doing everything possible to address these issues and concerns efficiently and accurately.

"eCom's company culture is one in which everyone works together closely, and our teams have more hands-on opportunities to make decisions, see work through to completion, and take responsibility for the end-product.

"As we stress on our website," added Wendy, "all eCom customers can expect informed and timely responses to their customer support needs; access to experts aligned with the needs of their stakeholder groups; direct support from our teams when needed; engagement with real people who're involved in the customer's projects, and service levels aligned with each individual's needs and expectations."