eTrainETC Offers Microlearning Self-Authoring Platform

Sarasota, FL (USA), October 2023 - eTrainETC, a global learning technology company, has officially launched eAuthor1® for all markets and segments in the training and education sector. The platform is an intuitive solution for creating knowledge application simulations and learning solutions for a wide range of topics.

By using eAuthor1, businesses can save time in developing training programs and onboarding new employees, as well as reduce losses due to turnover. The launch of eAuthor1 marks a significant milestone for eTrainETC in providing easy-to-use, effective learning tools for organizations worldwide.

eAuthor1 offers technology-agnostic learning simulations that can be run on any learning management system (LMS) or by custom deployment. By leveraging AI, the platform enables the development of microlearning that is concise and visually appealing for learners to practice and successfully demonstrate their knowledge. Learners are encouraged to make decisions, think critically, and apply their knowledge through simulated scenarios, while their confidence is documented along the way.

High turnover costs and lack of applied knowledge are causing significant problems in today's workforce. To address these issues, it's time to create more effective and supplemental training programs. The eAuthor1 platform provides an opportunity for learners to demonstrate, practice, and learn essential skills, concepts, and procedures. Users develop micro simulations or outsource the development to the eTrainETC team. The platform is available to license with the goal of improving training and education for today's learners.

"Traditional learning provides significant knowledge-based training and education to learners. However, do we truly know learners can apply their knowledge?", asked Bill Cornelius, CEO of eTrainETC. "The eTrainETC micro learning model of knowledge application has been proven in healthcare, and now it is demonstrating success in other markets."

eAuthor1 creates micro learning content that enhances the learning experience for individuals within an organization, leading to increased satisfaction, retention, and confidence. This is achieved through

  • accessibility on any technology
  • better preparation for learning
  • reduced errors
  • streamlined onboarding
  • lower training costs
  • improved retention rates

eAuthor1 micro learning solutions can help organizations empower their teams and enable them to gain a competitive edge to ignite growth and improve return on investment (ROI). Licensing the eAuthor1 platform is a cost-effective way to deliver effective knowledge application training to learners.