Cyber Security

eXact learning solutions Signs an Escrow Agreement

Valerio TordaGenoa (I), August 2016 - Global learning company eXact learning solutions has signed an escrow agreement with NCC Group, a FTSE 250-listed global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation. Valerio Torda, eXact learning solutions’ Managing Director, explained, "We value our customers and work hard to deliver software solutions that meet their key business requirements - as well as build strong relationships based on trust".

"We recognize our responsibility to help these customers ensure their business continuity through the long-term performance and availability of our software," he added. "That’s why we’re taking the groundbreaking step of working in partnership with the global information assurance provider NCC Group to offer our customers business-continuity protection through this escrow agreement.

"Under the terms of the agreement, we’ve deposited the eXact learning Suite source code, including that for our flagship product, the eXact learning-content-management system (LCMS), within NCC Group’s secure facilities. This means that from now on, we can offer this extra level of security to our customers so that in the extremely unlikely case of something happening to our software or company, our customers will always be able to utilize our software."

NCC Group currently protects over 9,000 business-critical software applications under comprehensive escrow agreements on the behalf of licensees worldwide.

Under the terms of eXact learning solutions’ escrow agreement, the company supplies NCC Group with a copy of the source code for their customers’ applications. NCC Group holds this, securely, on the customers’ behalf. This source code is regularly updated to ensure that the version held by NCC Group is always up to date and reflects the current stand of the customer’s application.

"In the extremely unlikely event that eXact learning solutions becomes unable to meet its contractual obligations, NCC Group will release the source code to the customer, allowing that customer to maintain and correct its software without disruption to its operations," Mr Torda stated.