First Major Brand

ExitCertified Will Now Deliver NVIDIA Generative AI Certified Training

San Francisco, CA (USA), May 2024 - ExitCertified is excited to announce that it will now deliver NVIDIA Generative AI certified training. ExitCertified joined the NVIDIA Partner Network earlier in 2024 and is now expanding its offerings with two new certifications: NVIDIA Certified Generative AI LLMs and NVIDIA Certified Generative AI Multimodal.

Aimed at developers, career professionals, and others interested in Generative AI, this program includes two associate-level certifications that concentrate on expertise in large language models and abilities in multimodal workflows. NVIDIA is the first major brand in the GenAI market to build an industry certification. Given its reputation in the sector, NVIDIA's certification is sure to draw a lot of attention. The NCA Generative AI LLMs certification is poised to be the most coveted in the GenAI space.

"We are thrilled to announce the latest expansion of our partnership with NVIDIA. Coming from some of the leading players in the AI space, these exciting new offerings will allow our clients to stay at the forward edge of the current technological revolution." said Tim Toomey, CEO of Axcel ILT.

"Generative AI has moved to center stage as governments, industries, and organizations everywhere look to harness its transformative capabilities," NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang recently said.