FATbit Launches Virtual Tutoring & Consultation Platform

Punjab (IN), April 2021 - FATbit Technologies, a leading provider of web-based software for online marketplaces, has announced the release of a new version of their online tutoring and consultation software, Yo!Coach. Yo!Coach is a scalable, fully customizable, and 100% white label solution that enables budding entrepreneurs to launch feature-rich online tutoring and consultation marketplaces similar to Preply, Verbling, and Growth Mentor.

In this release, Yo!Coach offers several new features, including the integration of multiple video-conferencing APIs, payment gateways, marketing features, GDPR compliance, PWA, and general performance improvements. The FATbit Team stated that all these updates in the software will help tutors and learners amplify their online learning/tutoring experience.

Manish Bhalla, Founder & CEO of FATbit Technologies, said, "Yo!Coach's latest version not only comes with features to enhance the usability of the platform for the tutors and learners but also ensures optimum management of processes for the admin."

The new features and functionalities offered in the latest version of Yo!Coach are

  • Video-conferencing APIs - In addition to CometChat, Yo!Coach has now integrated support for Zoom and Lessonspace APIs to enhance the experience of virtual classrooms. With features like screen sharing; large group meetings and seminars; and import and annotation of documents, Yo!Coach will allow tutors and learners to participate in one-to-one and group sessions depending on their needs.
  • Support for additional payment gateways - In addition to PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Stripe, the online tutoring software is now integrated with other popular gateways, viz. Paystack, PayGate, and Checkout. Recently integrated PayPal Payouts further automates the process of payment transfer in an even more efficient way than previously possible.
  • Progressive web apps (PWA) for seamless mobile experience - Today, when mobile usage is at an all-time high, Yo!Coach is here to provide the best mobile user experience. Websites created by Yo!Coach will run almost exactly like a native application on smartphones, making visitor engagement better, improving user experience, and increasing conversion rates.
  • Language auto detection - The websites powered by Yo!Coach will have this unique feature of auto-detecting the preferred language of the browser and translating the website content into the preferred language.
  • Flexibility to set multiple time slots - The platform admin can now allow tutors to offer sessions of multiple durations (30, 45, 60, or 120 minutes) and set their price as per the duration.
  • Enhanced marketing modules - Pre-integrated with Google Analytics, Yo!Coach- powered platforms will provide insights from in-depth analysis, including visitor statistics, traffic sources, and much more. This version has further optimized the SEO-friendliness of the software with added functionalities in meta tag management and URL rewriting modules.
  • Insightful reports - The website admin can now view and download the detailed reports of session cancellation and rescheduling of each tutor. Reports on the commission earned from every tutor can also be viewed by the admin.
  • GDPR compliance - Keeping the security and privacy of the users at utmost importance, Yo!Coach is built in compliance with the GDPR policies, which reassures platform users with privacy concerns.
  • Performance improvements - The other notable improvements in the system like optimization of SQL queries and images enhance the performance of the system to another level.