Nimble eLearning

Five-Course "Working from Home Essentials" Pack

Gloucestershire (UK), April 2020 - Companies are struggling to brief their employees on the logistical, emotional, and compliance considerations that they need to be aware of when working from home. The pace of policy change for working conditions has left companies without the time to fully prepare their teams for this unprecedented change.

With that in mind, Nimble have once again been quick off the mark to pool their learning design team resources and call upon their subject matter experts to create a new eLearning "Working from home essentials" pack of five courses to help contribute even more support for training during this difficult and challenging time. The main reason behind Nimble’s new Working from home essentials pack is to help companies quickly implement training for their teams so they can hit the ground running with ready-made packaged content. This will save companies valuable time, costs and resources if they had to create the content themselves.

Specifically designed and updated in the last two weeks to reflect the very real challenges of working at home under the shadow of coronavirus, Nimble have heavily discounted these courses (up to 80%) to support the national effort and to alleviate some of the financial pressures that companies may face. The whole Working from home essentials pack is only £5 per learner for six months, and their 25% charity discount continues to apply. All orders over ten learners can edit and brand the courses.

The pack includes important and useful topics for home working such as

  • Home working essentials – This is a new course by Nimble that offers guidance on setting up home workspaces, staying safe, communicating remotely, and maintaining productivity while away from the office.
  • DSE assessment for home workers – Designed by leading expert Rachel Stevens from Optimum Performance Training Ltd, who has over 25 years’ experience of providing posture training, DSE workstation assessments and musculoskeletal advice.
  • An introduction to resilience – Written by best-selling author and leading authority on resilience Liggy Webb, it is based on the content of her book "Resilience – How to cope when everything around you keeps changing".
  • Information security at home – This component helps employees follow secure working practices as they adapt to working from home.
  • Time management for home workers – The section includes tips and coping mechanisms to help employees manage their workload as efficiently as possible, set boundaries, and create time for the additional commitments they may now face in their personal life.

They are also adding an additional free Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness course to this pack. In their previous Learning News press release, Nimble explained how they acted quickly at the start of the coronavirus outbreak to create and release a free Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness eLearning course for the workplace. 

The take up of their Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness course has been overwhelming, both from Nimble customers and also the general public. Since the course was released, Nimble has seen a number of individuals and companies ask how they can implement eLearning now that the landscape has changed so dramatically with all of our working lives. One quote was, "The recent events have been a great catalyst for us to get ourselves in gear to look at something better than what we have available!"

As an online learning software and content provider, Nimble eLearning are well placed to continue to evaluate the needs of their customers and those involved in training daily. The situation remains fluid, and Nimble are responding to the call. Nimble Director, Alex Hathway, says, "We’re fully on board to find new ways to assist companies of all sizes to train, inform, guide their staff, and keep them safe as we navigate through this crisis. It’s at times like these employers owe a bigger responsibility and duty of care for their employees and their customers. We’re doing our very best to utilise all the resources we have at our disposal to help."