Game-Based eLearning

Former Mind Click Team to Join Unicorn Training Group

Brighton (UK), May 2017 - Award-winning learning solutions provider Unicorn Training has announced the recruitment of five top eLearning professionals to launch its Brighton office. The new team members have strong, established backgrounds in eLearning content creation and have previously worked together at both Mind Click and Learning Pool.

The team, comprising a senior project manager, senior digital designer, senior learning designer, and lead developer, will strengthen and broaden Unicorn’s capacity to offer cutting-edge learning solutions to the market.

Al Thompson, Senior Project Manager said, "I am not only excited, but also proud to be part of the Unicorn family. The leadership, culture, focus, and success in delivering excellent- quality products and service to clients, as well as leading some of the most talented and creative people as part of a new bespoke Brighton-based team for the business, massively appealed to me."

She continued, "Not only was I delighted to have the opportunity to come and work for Unicorn, but to learn that three of my previous top team, April Adams, Laura Haselum, and Simon McLeod, who were employed back in the days of Mind Click, were coming, too, was hugely exciting. Knowing what’s in the pipeline for the year ahead, I’m confident that we can achieve what the business sets out to do – 'enabling great learning through innovative technology'."

Business Development Manager, Tom Beale, also joins Unicorn as part of the London division, and said, "With Unicorn’s vision, as well as the acquisition of Amuzo, I truly believe that we are in a fabulously unique position in the industry to really push the boundaries of game-based eLearning content. I am excited to see what we produce for our clients over the next twelve months."