Public Sector

G-Cloud 8 Success for Synergy Learning

Holywood (UK), September 2016 - G-Cloud is a UK-government initiative set up to encourage the adoption of cloud services across the whole of the public sector. It aims to simplify how the public sector buys and delivers services by creating a digital marketplace of services that can be easily scaled up or down, based on the changing needs of a business and its users.

Jonathan McAlister, Head of Sales and Marketing at Synergy Learning says, "We are delighted to be recognised as a leading provider of cloud services. Synergy Learning has been working in the public and commercial sectors for over ten years, so achieving a place on G-Cloud 8 for a fifth consecutive year is a recognition of our established track record and ongoing work with the public sector.  By utilising our expertise, support, and guidance to achieve learning goals, organisations can become more flexible, agile, and responsive to their ever-changing training needs. Our approach with the platforms and services we provide is a perfect complement to this ethos."

The digital marketplace can be used by organisations across the UK public sector, including central government, local government, health, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence, and not-for-profit groups.