GamEffective Launches Learning Platform as a Service

New York, NY (USA), July 2017 - GamEffective, an award-winning eLearning gamification provider, has announced it is making its platform available as a learning-platform-as-a-service solution to content providers. Companies that are developing and offering content can use the microlearning and gamification platform to serve their customers, delivering learning to employees in an engaging and fun manner, ensuring exceptionally high rates of learning completion and knowledge retention, as well as quick time to launch.

GamEffective supercharges employee performance and learning using digital motivation, microlearning, and gamification. Its gamified learning platform serves learning in an automated and engaging way, guaranteeing knowledge consumption, growth, and a tie-in to business results.

The European House-Ambrosetti, GamEffective’s LPAAS partner in Italy, is using GamEffective’s learning platform as a service to improve learning and engagement in sales excellence, service, management, and cross-functional collaboration. Ambrosetti is a leading learning provider in Italy. "We are excited about launching our content delivery using GamEffective’s platform. Our corporate partners are interested in breaking the classic learning-repository mode of unengaging delivery, and GamEffective solves these issues with a system that is simple to manage yet engaging to users," said Maurizio Besozzi, Customer Practice Leader at The European House-Ambrosetti. "We used GamEffective to train sales people on a new product and had 100% engagement and a content-consumption rate of 99.4%."

LPASS is a learning platform as a service for GamEffective-certified learning partners. This partnership provides content providers in fields such as learning, regulatory, compliance seminars, compliance training, and more with an opportunity to deliver their own educational materials on top of GamEffective’s enterprise-ready platform.

Among the main features

  • easily create and tailor content for each client: With LPAAS, micro-learning and gamification projects are quick to create and simple to launch. GamEffective will provide a secure tenant for each client, enabling the upload or creation of materials for a specific customer, including simulations, quizzes, and other smart missions.
  • pay as you go: GamEffective offers a "pay-as-you-go" option for learning and content. Consultants who wish to deliver on-boarding and learning projects to customers utilizing the GamEffective platform.
  • enterprise ready: GamEffective’s SaaS platform can scale to tens of thousands of users, be delivered globally in multiple languages, and is mobile first and viewable from via a web browser. GamEffective integrates with LMS platforms like Moodle or SuccessFactors to access existing content and courses, and the platform is SCORM compliant.
  • rich gamification and microlearning: GamEffective offers a rich gamification platform that contains game narratives, leaderboards, badges, challenges, and more, allowing administrators to set learning goals and engage users in the system. The content is delivered using advanced microlearning elements like spaced repetition and retrieval practice.
  • certified partnership: Each LPAAS partner will receive advanced training and will be featured on GamEffective’s Website as a certified LPAAS partner.