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Genpact Opens Internal Learning Program

New York, NY (USA), June 2020 - Genpact, a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation, has announced Adapt and Rise, a role-based online learning platform that leverages Genpact's expertise honed from delivering real-world change for hundreds of clients. By making key insights available to the public at no cost, Genpact aims to enable professional resilience and accelerate adoption of the most critical professional skills and competencies required to succeed in the digital age.

With the quickening pace of change, professionals need to constantly improve their skills to distinguish themselves and provide maximum value in a hyper-competitive job market. Skills that were once seen as "nice to have" are now critical to succeeding as part of the adaptive workforce required in the digital economy. By opening to the public parts of its highly successful continuous learning platform, Genome, Genpact is helping to accelerate the professional learning process for everyone.

With Genome, Genpact is continuously preparing internally for the future of work by enabling its talent to acquire new skills and evolve quickly as industries and technologies change. Inspired by work done by MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence, Genome harnesses the collective intelligence of Genpact's more than 90,000 employees. Using Genpact's experts to curate knowledge for its distributed workforce, Genome encourages the flow of information and easier learning. Adapt and Rise takes this tested foundation and is now offering it to the public.

"In this time of unprecedented global change, it is incumbent on those who have resources to provide access to those who need them," said Tiger Tyagarajan, chief executive officer of Genpact. "We believe it is important to share the insights honed from our business and technology expertise to help people reach their professional potential and maximize their ability to drive meaningful impact in the world."

Genpact, in partnership with EdCast, provider of an award-winning learning-experience platform (LXP) used by Global 2000 companies and large government organizations, is making content available globally to enable people at all levels to amplify their capabilities. Participants can learn and master a wide variety of essential skills relevant to many key roles at the heart of digital transformation.

Expert curators have rigorously curated 1,500 pieces of the most relevant publicly available content that will help professionals upskill in thirteen vital roles: business analyst; digital program manager; finance and accounting professional; human resources professional; infrastructure and logistics professional; process operations (individual); process operations (team leader); process operations (organization leader); procurement professional; project manager; risk and compliance professional; sales and marketing operations support; and tech support engineer.

Each role-based channel features approximately 100 hours of bite-sized learning content, including videos, articles, blogs, podcasts, and more. The content is categorized into fourteen skills that are common across roles, including artificial intelligence basics; change management; customer experience; design thinking; digital business strategy; people leadership; and storytelling. These skills have become core to career advancement across roles and career stages.

The content is presented in the context of thematic journeys, each with up to four levels of proficiency. The learning order is neither prescriptive nor linear; the learner can self-identify a starting point and engage with the content in any order.

"EdCast helps global workforces meet their upskilling and reskilling needs to become future ready," said Karl Mehta, chief and founder of EdCast. "This is why we launched the Future of Work Alliance that is squarely focused on bringing this vision to fruition. We are very proud to partner with Genpact on the Adapt and Rise platform to bring personalized, role-based learning that is seamlessly integrated with tools that most people regularly use, including Microsoft Teams; Slack; Workplace by Facebook; Google; ServiceNow; Salesforce; and others."

Genpact is democratizing learning at a moment of historically high unemployment and when economic pressures will likely impact company budgets that were earmarked for learning and development. The company aims to enable professional resilience in a hyper-competitive job market by making available learning for all on the most critical modern skills and competencies that organizations require to succeed in the digital age.

"Whether it's a graduating student, a transitioning worker, or a working professional, we at Genpact believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn from our experience accumulated through thousands of engagements with hundreds of clients," said Gianni Giacomelli, chief innovation leader at Genpact. "Our collective knowledge allows us to determine what people should know and learn, and serve them the right knowledge to ignite insights, boost skills, and amplify talent. We are leveraging the collective intelligence enabled by the Genome platform to make the most contemporary real-world learnings available to millions of people at no cost."