White Paper

How Experiential Learning Can Drive Change

Paris (F), June 2016 - While many employers implement traditional learning-development programs to train their teams, StratX makes it clear that utilizing an experiential learning approach can provide impactful results and leads to lasting on-the-job change.

The white paper "Experiential Learning for Impact: A User's Guide" provides insights into

  • what the benefits of using experiential learning are
  • where experiential learning is applied
  • case studies where experiential learning proved successful
  • how experiential learning can be measured

The head of the Leadership Program from Safran, Maria Banu, advocates utilizing the experiential learning approach. "Experiential learning programs create a collective momentum and eliminate any potential stress or anxiety. Another benefit is long-term knowledge retention. Concepts that are learned via other methods can fade quickly from memory, but, with the simulations, participants retain more than 75% of the program content because they have 'experienced' it in an extremely realistic way. Several years later, they still remember what they learned from these simulations", she said.