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IMC's Sarah Pitzius on Standard eLearning Content

Sarah PitziusSaarbrücken (GER) / Graz (A), July 2019 - IMC provides eLearning content on a wide range of job training topics. IMC's Sales Manager, Sarah Pitzius, recently elucidated her thoughts on how to create the best content.

Sarah, in your opinion, what is the strength of IMC's standard content?
Sarah Pitzius: IMC's standard content library covers a range of current training content, including subject-specific topics such as compliance. Our content team prioritizes translating this into learning content as quickly as possible. My colleagues also act as trend scouts, anticipating upcoming training needs. Our users value the professional dependability of our content. In addition to the content we create ourselves, we offer a broad range of partner content. An appealing design and interactive elements, such as case studies and exercises, provide motivation to learn. We deliver our own content to customers in the Scorm format, so we are ahead of the competition in terms of technology.


And who develops all the content?

Sarah Pitzius: Our Austrian office, based in Graz, is responsible for the development and preparation of our standard content. We often customize the standard content for our clients if need be. The Austrian colleagues also take care of the implementation.


What are some particularly important steps in development?

Sarah Pitzius: Development is all about ensuring that the content is as generic as possible, so it's useful in any industry. Our project team also ensures that all legal or professional requirements are taken into account.


Has there been any criticism of standard content? If so, how was it handled?

Sarah Pitzius: Some customers found the content too general. They wanted it to reflect their own processes and corporate design. We have made individual adjustments to solve this. With partner content, we can also make design adjustments. We've also added localizations, so the content is available in the client’s desired language.


How does IMC decide when to develop standard content on a specific topic?

Sarah Pitzius: First, discussions with our customers. In addition, our standard content team regularly adjusts what content will be developed next. Issues like compliance or soft skills play a role in almost every company. So we pay particular attention in these areas to update and expand the content.


Finally, content curation is a long-term trend in continuing education. Will curated content make standard content obsolete in the foreseeable future?

Sarah Pitzius: No. Issues like compliance will always be mandatory. Employers are required by law to provide their employees with training and review learning outcomes. Curated content cannot do this because nobody can vouch for its correctness, and it is not linked to any reliable testing system. Of course, additional media can be used, so employees can decide for themselves which skills they would like to acquire.