Flexible Solution

Innovative Platform for Knowledge Management and Testing

Rumst (BE), December 2017 - Knowledge sharing and management are issues a lot of companies are struggling with. A new platform, KnowledgeFlow, is helping companies and organizations with both reducing the efforts that have to be taken to manage knowledge and enhancing the actual use of it on the work floor.

By structuring information, it becomes really usable on the work floor. Unique about the platform is that tests can be generated automatically based on the same information.

KnowledgeFlow offers a flexible solution that makes it easy to capture, share, and learn key organizational knowledge in a well structured way. This cross-platform solution makes learning more effective, playful, and continuous, be it from behind a computer in the office or via mobile on a factory floor or shop.

KnowledgeFlow goes beyond just capturing and storing knowledge: We help companies put the wealth of expertise in their organization to actual use. KnowledgeFlow was originally developed for Belgian retailer AVEVE, but it is now being launched as a platform that can be used by a wider range of organizations and use cases.

From capturing and making product knowledge accessible in B2C or B2B retail settings to practical steps and procedures for technical tasks in industrial settings, KnowledgeFlow can easily be tailored to specific situations.