Ad-Free Environment

Kahoot! Launches Vimeo Integration

Oslo (NO), February 2022 - Kahoot!, a global learning platform company, has announced its integration of Vimeo, one of the world's leading all-in-one video software solutions, enabling a free enhanced feature that allows all Kahoot! users to add Vimeo videos to their Kahoot! sessions.

In the last twelve months, two billion participants (non-unique) engaged in more than 300 million Kahoot! sessions to power interactive learning at school, at work, and at home. This includes more than nine million educators, hundreds of thousands of businesses, and millions of families worldwide, who use Kahoot! as a trusted destination for learning and engagement for all ages and settings.

Vimeo provides simple, powerful video tools that enable its global community of over 230 million users to unlock the power of video to create, collaborate, and communicate. Many Kahoot! users already use Vimeo, valuing its commitment to high-quality streaming, user privacy, and maintaining an ad-free environment.

Video is a powerful tool for increasing participants' attention and engagement, which can help learning stick. By combining video with the interactivity of Kahoot!, you can create more dynamic, multisensory learning experiences that keep participants engaged from beginning to end.

Whether users are collaborating with team members, teaching students, or helping their kids study at home, this integration makes it easy to create even more visually captivating, engaging, and impactful learning moments.

"We know that for our users around the world, being able to keep participants connected, energized, and learning from anywhere is a top priority," said Eilert Hanoa, CEO, Kahoot!. "Vimeo is one of the most trusted platforms for hosting and discovering high-quality videos, which can take engagement to the next level when combined with the interactive experience of Kahoot!. We're excited to offer this feature for all Kahoot! users as part of our commitment to making learning awesome for everyone everywhere!"

"Video is the most dynamic medium to reach and engage people, and a powerful resource for anyone looking to unlock the full potential of learning," said Richard Bloom, SVP of Business Development, Vimeo. "Vimeo is bringing our powerful video capabilities to platforms across the web, and we're thrilled to integrate with Kahoot! so their large and growing community of users can seamlessly and easily leverage video in their learning sessions."