Office 2016 Learning Solutions

Keeping Pace with the Times

Leinfelden-Echterdingen (GER), September 2016 - The next-generation workplace with Office 2016 and Windows 10 offers many new methods of collaboration: agile, digital, and mobile. To take advantage of the full potential of the applications, Know How! AG offers comprehensive training for employees. The Office 2016 learning program combines formal eLearning with performance support for all learning needs and instances. The training is available for all typical mobile devices - and in eight languages.

For the workplace of the future, the switch to Office 2016 and Windows 10 offers many new opportunities for digital collaboration and mobility. However, this brings with it some new changes that could tax even the most experienced of Office users. To profit from the transition to the new system, employees must be familiarised with the changes and trained in how to use them. With its Office 2016 learning program, Know How! AG offers comprehensive training concepts for the introduction of the new Office version.

The training combines formal eLearning with performance support and is therefore able to satisfy various learning needs and instances. Basic knowledge of the new functions of the individual Office applications is conveyed in what are called Application WBTs. These consist of, among other things, short videos that clearly explain the individual steps of the application. Diverse exercises as well as tips and PDFs help expand on what has been learned. Various learning scenarios offer every employee the right training option – whether an Office beginner or experienced user. The WBTs are organised into 33 lessons and cover the entire Office product range. The especially comprehensive applications of Word and Excel are additionally organised into basic and advanced courses.

The heart of the learning and performance solution consists of practical "use cases". With the help of short stories, various learning scenarios such as Project Management, Virtual Team, and Digital Workplace are addressed and the new possibilities of Office 2016 are demonstrated. The web-based training is not limited to individual applications, but rather it includes all applications relevant to the given use case. As a supplement to classic eLearning, practical "learning nuggets" assist the employees in their daily work. Know How! AG’s performance-support tool offers information on concrete office functions in a concise form and with various styles of presentation. All required content can also be found in mere seconds with the Nugget Finder.

The responsive design makes the solution compatible with all typical devices and browsers. Thanks to their global experience in large projects, the eLearning specialists at Know How! AG also develop the training programs for international use. The web-based training for the switch to Office 2016 and Windows 10 is currently available in eight languages – and additional ones are already in planning. A roll-out concept can be created for a smooth transition to the new software.