Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Sharing with Automatic Speech Recognition

San Francisco, CA (USA), November 2017 – SalesHood, a leading sales-enablement platform, has announced the release of Automatic Speech Recognition to revolutionize how companies share knowledge and enable their teams. SalesHood’s Expert System powers the entire lifecycle of sales enablement with artificial intelligence and machine learning from training and onboarding to coaching and content sharing to performance improvement. SalesHood’s Automatic Speech Recognition accelerates learning, coaching, and knowledge sharing by analyzing conversations and experiences to execute sales enablement more efficiently and effectively.

"The SalesHood Expert System automatically transcribes what people are saying in real-time, tags keywords and phrases, and prescribes user generated content. We accelerate learning and knowledge sharing by efficiently converting high volumes of video into high value data." says Elay Cohen, CEO, SalesHood.

Companies using SalesHood’s Automatic Speech Recognition benefit from various components:

  • Sales Call Coaching: Boost sales productivity by uploading customer meeting call recordings and auto-transcribing speech for managers to do more in-context coaching moments.
  • Pitch Coaching Feedback: Get teams on message faster by reviewing and giving feedback on pitch presentations that are recorded and automatically transcribed.
  • Deal Win Stories: Improve time to revenue by recording customer and deal-win stories as they happen. Win stories are auto-transcribed to optimize best-practice sharing and searching.
  • Loss Reviews: Improve win rates by recording loss reviews and auto-transcribing loss reasons to optimize sharing and searching.
  • Transcribe Product Releases: Go to market faster by uploading product release videos and audio presentations. Auto-transcribe the features and benefits to efficiently create product release notes.
  • Sales Tool Transcription: Upload video and audio marketing tools to auto-transcribe scripts and sales presentations.
  • Automated Meeting Note Summaries: Record and transcribe meeting-recap summaries, saving hours of administrative time per week writing meeting notes.
  • Search Speech: Search for specific text in any and all video and audio files recorded in SalesHood and/or uploaded to the SalesHood Library. Go to the time-stamp in the file where the word or phrase searched is spoken. All text is searchable for future reference, learning, and knowledge sharing.