New Solution

kPoint Launches Video Central

Chicago, IL (USA), August 2016 - kPoint has announced the launch of kPoint Video Central, a powerful and secure video cloud. Video Central, with its refreshing new interface, provides easier video storage and faster streaming on any device and any kind of network.

The new kPoint Video Central has been built to enable users to host their videos, publish them with corporate security, search through them, share them, embed them, promote them, and look at viewership analytics. Available immediately, the platform has a refreshing new player and a host of enterprise-ready features like automated spoken-word search, adaptive bit-rate streaming, and third-party video-hosting support. The new solution also offers the ability to set up a custom content-delivery network (CDN) for an enterprise. 

Key features and benefits of Video Central include

  • heavier videos, faster upload and streaming
  • uploading multiple videos of up to 5gb with a single drag and drop. The videos will be pushed to kPoint through the nearest CDN, enabling much faster uploads. kPoint's extensive CDN and adaptive bit-rate streaming also ensure that HD-quality videos play without buffering.
  • faster spoken-word search for English, enriching its market-leading text-based search
  • on-screen text recognition
  • use of Optical Character Recognition technology to recognize on-screen text, making screen-share videos searchable and indexable.

Video Central also embeds YouTube content in real time and gives its users the power of kPoint's interactive widgets, powerful search, and analytics on the vast YouTube repository of video content.

Following the release, Dr. Shridhar Shukla, Managing Director of kPoint Technologies, said, "Organizations are finding that a vast amount of corporate knowledge is locked into legacy videos. kPoint unlocks this value for everyone across the organization by making this content deeply searchable. kPoint Video Central's search capabilities drastically cut the time spent on finding the right information inside a video."