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Learning and Performance Institute Launches LPiLEARN

London (UK), May 2020 - A global body for workplace learning, the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), has announced the launch of LPiLEARN, an online platform to help L&D organisations and professionals rapidly gain essential skills. Built on technology provided by aNewSpring and using the LPI Capability Map as its foundation, LPiLEARN aims to be the go-to resource for learning professionals who need quick, actionable guidance and skill building, all within one online platform.

According to the global team of learning experts who led the development of the LPI Capability Map, 25 skills are now seen as critical to the success of a modern, future-facing L&D function. LPiLEARN directly aligns with these skill areas and provides practical, moment-of-need resources that help learning professionals rapidly improve their knowledge and confidence within a topic. Where the Capability Map identifies skills gaps worldwide, LPiLEARN offers to close those gaps for individuals, helping L&D people focus on developing relevant and contemporary capabilities.

LPiLEARN launches with over 500 pieces of curated content, each provided by respected learning experts and global organisations. Resources are included on the basis of their practicality and usability, and the platform is continually updated with fresh content as it becomes available. Users can access resources by skill area or by providing search terms.

Also included in LPiLEARN are two professional foundation certification programmes: "Digital Asset Development" and "Video Production for Learning". By completing these certifications, users of LPiLEARN can gain valuable credentials and showcase their work via downloadable digital certificates and badges.

LPiLEARN is built on aNewSpring technology and as such, offers users a complete online environment in which to undertake their learning journey. Users of LPiLEARN can take advantage of several tools to assist their learning, from planning activities, to collaborating with peers via native messaging, and including automated reminders with MemoTrainer, a smart repetition engine that aims to increase knowledge retention and confidence.

LPiLEARN is available for individuals and internal teams, and licenses allow continual access to the platform and its content for 12 months. New content and certifications are planned to be added regularly and will become available to licensed users at no extra cost. Licenses are renewable.