Learning Light Praises the Agylia LMS

Bristol (UK), July 2018 - The Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) has been acclaimed for its mobile-first approach and great user experience by independent research and eLearning consultants Learning Light.

In the review, David Patterson, Director at Learning Light, considered a series of criteria covering all aspects of the Agylia LMS. They included system functionality and design, learner experience, administrator capabilities, and future innovation.

David recognised Agylia’s mobile-first approach and commitment in providing learners with the best possible digital learning experiences - regardless of where they are, and when they need to access their content. The expectation of great user experiences across any device, the insistence that information be available on demand, and the popularity of video-based training all guarantee that mobile learning is here to stay.

David Patterson, Director and eLearning Consultant at Learning Light, said, "As an industry, we have talked about mobile-first learning for many years. It’s great to see an LMS making mobile-first learning work at a truly engaging level as Agylia does."

"This is a hugely impressive LMS that is setting new standards in delivering eLearning through mobile devices. The native app solution is one of the best on the market."

As an agile, mobile, and social LMS, Agylia enables learners to easily access their eLearning, microlearning, and performance support content via an all-in-one powerful learning portal. With great user experiences across devices, Agylia increases engagement and user adoption of learning programmes.

With the range of Agylia mobile learning apps - for iOS and Android devices - learners can access their digital learning resources anywhere - even offline - via their preferred tablet or mobile device.

"The (Agylia) LMS has a series of market leading features, including very strong search and a gamification engine reporting to an LRS (Learning Record Store). … This LRS really does make mobile learning work."

"The combination of xAPI (Experience API) and mobile learning alone makes Agylia a must consider LMS if mobile is a major requirement for your organisation," concluded David.