Learning Technologies Group Acquires Breezy HR

Jacksonville, FL (USA), April 2019 - Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), a provider of integrated talent management and learning technologies software and services, has announced the acquisition of Breezy HR. Breezy HR provides small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) with feature rich, intuitive, and user friendly recruitment software in order to optimise their processes and maximise productivity. The acquisition brings a range of benefits both to LTG and to Breezy HR itself.

With the acquisition, LTG gains strong organic growth potential, expansion of the Group’s talent acquisition offer across multiple markets, and the opportunity to rapidly enhance LTG’s enterprise product through integration of Breezy HR’s product features.
The addition of Breezy HR to LTG’s best of breed talent and learning businesses is expected to further consolidate the Group’s position in the talent acquisition marketplace, extending its existing enterprise client base to include a new SMB audience. This move builds on LTG's acquisition of PeopleFluent in 2018, which introduced transformational talent management capability into the Group.
Integration activity is expected to leverage components of Breezy HR’s software to support swifter and richer feature releases to PeopleFluent’s enterprise product customers.
LTG Chief Executive, Jonathan Satchell, commented, "I am delighted to welcome our colleagues from Breezy HR into the Group. We are incredibly excited by Breezy HR’s exceptional talent acquisition software. Breezy HR has enjoyed strong organic growth and has excellent future potential, which we feel can be enhanced with support from LTG as part of our suite of integrated talent solutions.
"We will be seeking to realise swift synergies with our enterprise solution in the PeopleFluent business to the mutual benefit of both companies. It is our intention to bring PeopleFluent’s expertise to bear on the Breezy HR product roadmap, providing the necessary insight to enable further development of the SMB offer so that it also presents a compelling proposition to the mid-market segment."
Breezy HR will continue to operate under its current brand identity, but will also function as a sub-brand within PeopleFluent, further extending the enterprise brand’s market whilst bolstering Breezy HR’s market positioning and visibility.
Breezy HR CEO, Darren Bounds, will continue with the business as Managing Director, in addition to joining the PeopleFluent senior leadership team.
Speaking of the acquisition, Bounds commented, "Breezy HR’s mission has always been to provide a uniquely simple-to-use, yet powerful way to help businesses manage hiring processes. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to combine our vision with that of Learning Technologies Group, enabling us to deliver greater business value and product innovation to both existing and future customers, all at a more accelerated pace than would have been possible on our own."
An LTG Product Council has been established to ensure coordinated, complementary development of the overall suite of the Group’s talent products and to ensure that the desired synergies are realised as swiftly as possible.
Breezy HR is expected to operate as “business as usual” throughout the 100-day integration.