Learning Professionals

LPI Launches Sponsorship Programme

London (UK), May 2017 - The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) is proud to announce the launch of a new sponsorship programme to help selected learning professionals achieve their personal development and career goals.

The LPI’s "Sponsored Learning Professional" programme offers individual practitioners in the field of workplace learning the opportunity to expand their knowledge and build their network with a year-long programme of targeted support.

The programme will regularly select one learning professional and equip the person with the skills, tools, and networks to significantly develop within her or his chosen field.

With clear routes to upskilling and certification in relevant disciplines that are delivered in a personalised context, the LPI’s Sponsored Learning Professional programme is both exciting and highly relevant to those seeking employment or advancing their careers in the near future.

Learning professionals are invited to apply for the sponsorship programme, citing reasons why they should be selected. The eventual participant will enter into the programme beginning each May and continue until the following May.

The sponsored participant will receive the following benefits:

  • complimentary full membership to the LPI at the relevant level
  • complimentary enrolment in relevant LPI learning programmes such as the Certified Online Learning Facilitator or Performance Consulting Masterclass
  • free VIP access to all LPI and partner events throughout the year, including the annual LEARNING LIVE conference and the flagship Learning Awards.
  • introductions, where relevant, to the LPI’s network of learning professionals across the globe, with a view to creating career advancement opportunities
  • a dedicated page on the LPI’s website with regular updates on the sponsored professional’s journey and achievements
  • other LPI initiatives as deemed relevant.

Commenting on the programme, LPI CEO Edmund Monk said, "Such is the speed of change in our industry that modern learning professionals must continually update and expand their skillsets to keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations. By surrounding themselves with the right people, tools, and information, this speed of change can be turned from a possible threat into an opportunity for innovation and progress.

However, learning professionals can sometimes find themselves in a situation that doesn’t support their aspirations: an unexpected redundancy, perhaps, or a move to a new team that has different goals, or a change of leadership. Our industry depends on inventiveness and expertise, qualities that can be lost if not actively supported and encouraged. We have launched this programme to specifically nurture individuals whose passion and talents are undeniable, but who are struggling against circumstance.

We see the Sponsored Learning Professional programme as a way to both recognise the participant’s hard work and dedication, and to support their professional development into the years ahead.

Our vision is that, ultimately, all our sponsored Learning Professionals will go on to become significant contributors and thought-leaders in the industry and will inspire others to do the same. I look forward with interest to the development of each of their careers."

The first programme participant will be announced shortly.