Learning Leaders

Measuring Business Impact of Learning in 2023 Report Launched

Nashville, TN (USA), May 2023 - Now in its seventh year, this report has tracked the views and habits of more than 2,600 learning leaders since 2016. This year’s report has seen new questions added that help identify the traits of L&D functions perceived as strategic partners to the broader business.

Findings show that those viewed as strategic are more closely aligned with the business and are better able to show value than departments viewed as less strategic.

Why is it important for L&D to be strategic? The people agenda has become all the more important as a defining competitive advantage. There is a shrinking workforce and an increasing need for upskilling, and skill sets have shorter shelf lives than ever: only 2.5 years in tech-focused roles.

As well as an-depth look at how learning leaders tackle the key factors around measurement (from budget to barriers to capabilities), the report provides the arguments to inspire those who do not measure learning's impact to further their progress and push for progress with the leaders within their organization.

"Any L&D team wanting to be viewed as strategic should pay heed to this year's research," observed Bonnie Beresford, Sr. Director of Learning and Performance Analytics at GP Strategies. "It uncovers the connection between measurement maturity and strategic alignment - and highlights what it takes to evolve your measurement capabilities."