A Variety of Formats

MicroLearn Continues to Expand Off-the-Shelf Library

Southampton (UK), July 2017 - MicroLearn’s content library is expanding to include new ranges such as Interview Techniques and Digital Transformation, as well as additions to a number of current ranges.

The first courses announced are the new Interview Techniques range, designed to assist both the interviewer and the interviewee through the process. This will be followed by the Digital Transformation range, which explores the impact of the digital world on the workplace, and includes a course on Social Media.

As well as producing brand new ranges, the team also plan to expand existing ones by developing new courses for the Management and Leadership, Understanding Budget and Finance, and Customer Services ranges.

"Our focus when developing our content roadmap is always our customers," said Alison Soper, Creative Director. "When titles are requested, it drives the content team forward, as we take pride in producing courses we know our customers need and want."

The team is also taking the opportunity to revisit MicroLearn's off-the-shelf catalogue, adding extra resources to existing courses, including infographics and toolbox talks to ensure learners get the most from their eLearning experience.

All of MicroLearn's courses are available in a variety of formats, the longest of which is the fifteen-minute module. This consists of a short, whiteboard-style explainer video, expanded learning, and a quiz to check understanding.

Alternatively, it can be broken down into the VideoPlus, the video and the quiz, or the Video resource, depending on the client's needs.