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Mind Tools Partners with CareerPoint

London (UK), March 2023 - Mind Tools for Business have partnered with CareerPoint, a virtual coaching company passionate about developing personalized professional growth.

Research by global analytics organisation Gallup shows that 87% of millennial employees say career development is very or extremely important to them however only 29% have a good understanding of how to achieve their career development goals.
Working together, Mind Tools and CareerPoint will help close this gap by combining accessible on-demand personal effectiveness and leadership resources with career development coaching to help people thrive at work.
CareerPoint coaches will use Mind Tools content to enhance their Employee Value Curve (EVC) methodology used by coaches. Employees will learn how to create more value at work through a set of value drivers including leadership, innovation, and work ethic. By having access to a gold mine of fresh and inspirational resources related to these values, expert coaches will be able to guide people to take control of their personal and career development.
"At Mind Tools we’re always looking to collaborate with organisations who align with our mission to empower people to thrive at work. Our partnership with CareerPoint is a fantastic opportunity to combine the power of coaching with our trusted, on-demand resources to help people better perform, manage and lead with confidence," said John Yates, CEO, Mind Tools.
"CareerPoint is thrilled to announce our partnership with Mind Tools. Our proprietary coaching methodology is now being elevated with Mind Tools’ world class content, creating a powerful ecosystem for employees interested in development," said Bryan Miller, CEO, CareerPoint.