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Mott MacDonald Moves Training for 16,000 Employees

Peter GommLondon (UK), September 2016 - Performance, knowledge, and learning-management-systems provider NetDimensions has been selected by global engineering, management and development consultancy Mott MacDonald as the provider of its cloud learning-management system (LMS). 

Mott MacDonald has been using NetDimensions Learning for over ten years to train staff, as well as external contractors, worldwide. The company also manages new employee onboarding via a dedicated portal using NetDimensions Learning.

"By using NetDimensions Learning, we are able to deliver the same training to our employees in different countries - with a local flavour. NetDimensions Learning has very strong multi-language handling features. We currently cater to sixteen core languages. A real benefit for us is automation. We are able to deliver training to our staff that is relevant to their role in a timely manner, wherever they are in the world," explained Peter Gomm, Group Learning Technologies Manager at Mott MacDonald.

While developing innovative, efficient solutions that create value for clients, Mott MacDonald upholds its staff to the highest technical, professional, and safety standards.

"Mott MacDonald is a consultancy providing our customers with in-depth knowledge and expertise. Our employees spend time on project sites and might have to take on a supervisory role. This means that we need to make sure they understand and follow relevant health and safety regulations," continued Gomm.

Mott MacDonald is regularly audited internally and externally for quality and compliance. Internally, compliance is monitored very closely. Each department is responsible for reporting staff-compliance levels and putting a plan into action on how to remedy any incident of non-compliance. Managing health and safety is critical for Mott MacDonald because there could be extremely serious consequences in case of non-adherence to regulations.

In 2015, Mott MacDonald decided to implement an SaaS solution for its LMS. The company conducted a very detailed RFP process and evaluated several vendors. After a rigorous evaluation, Mott MacDonald chose NetDimensions because of the rich set of product features, which were the best fit for the company’s complex needs. NetDimensions’ competitive total cost of ownership (TCO) was also a key factor in the selection process.

"Moving to SaaS will significantly reduce our administrative workload required to maintain the system internally. With SaaS, software upgrades are easy and quick, as NetDimensions takes care of this process, allowing us to free up our internal resources. We have a strong relationship with NetDimensions and value their understanding of our requirements around compliance. Their flexibility in meeting our needs is critical", concluded Gomm.

NetDimensions CEO Jay Shaw said, "We are delighted that Mott MacDonald has chosen NetDimensions again for its SaaS solution. We are committed to continually evolve the capabilities of our products to be able to provide to each of our clients a ‘leading edge’ solution that meets their long-term needs."