Sought-After Features

NetDimensions Launches Talent Suite 13.2

Adrian Weaver, NetDimensions’ Head of Product ManagementHongKong (HK), December 2017 - NetDimensions, a global provider of performance, knowledge, and learning-management systems, has launched a new version of NetDimensions Talent Suite. NetDimensions Talent Suite 13.2 includes a number of sought-after features and upgrades to the product suite, including SaaS platform infrastructure improvements, extended xAPI capabilities, and enhancements to classroom resources.

"NetDimensions has made considerable investments in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which leads the market in security, reliability, and in the global reach of the high-bandwidth services, essential to deliver high-definition learning content," said Adrian Weaver, NetDimensions’ Head of Product Management. "Alongside this, we’ve extended our xAPI capabilities to enable better integration and reporting capabilities, while not forgetting our deep learning credentials, with further improvements to our already market-leading classroom planning capabilities."

Access to Amazon’s fast and consistent CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) brings several key benefits for NetDimensions customers, including enhanced disaster recovery and backup, as well as streamlined automated processes and monitoring.

An important feature of NetDimensions Talent Suite 13.2 is its extended xAPI capabilities. Additional xAPI statements will provide a fuller picture of experiences, which take place within the Talent Suite software, enabling better xAPI reporting and seamless integration with reporting tools from analytics experts, Watershed LRS. Other improvements include enhanced xAPI compatibility with popular authoring tools such as Storyline and Captivate. This follows the recent integration of award-winning authoring tool gomo, allowing customers to publish fully responsive eLearning courses directly into the LMS.

NetDimensions Talent Suite 13.2 delivers several new classroom features, including

  • enhancements to classroom resources to make resource identification and selection easier and to allow for scheduling transit time for the delivery of particularly large resources.
  • significant improvements to class selection, transfer, and waitlisting when using "Prompt user to select" sessions.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server integration for relevant facilities, resources and instructors.

The upgrade also sees improvements to NetDimensions’ mobile learning app, NetDimensions Talent Slate. These include better offline/online integration, online catalog browsing from within Slate, as well as online course launch without download.

Speaking about the latest release, Peter Gordon, Managing Director of NetDimensions said, "Mobile learning is changing the face of learning in the workplace and therefore is a key aspect of our product development. It is however just one aspect in our much broader commitment to ongoing investment in the NetDimensions Talent Suite software."