New eLearning Tool Estimates Learning Video Narrations

Phoenix, AZ (USA), June 2020 - Ninja Tropic, an eLearning animation and video company,  has announced that it's now offering a free tool to the eLearning industry: eLearning Mario: A Voiceover Tool.

ELearning narration has always been a sore spot for course creators. How do you know if your script is long enough to meet requirements, too long, or too short? Ninja Tropic created Voiceover Tool to help course creators connect the dots early in the production process.

Some of the advantages Voiceover Tool includes are

  • helping course creators get more eLearning engagement by mastering audio tone and pacing
  • focusing on the more important aspects of eLearning scripting
  • giving free, downloadable text-to-speech audio that can serve as a placeholder as you build the video

This free tool helps eLearning course creators better plan their voiceover and narrations. "We realized there was a big need for this kind of tool in the eLearning space," says company owner Erick Prospero, "So we’ve made it available to everyone."

What course creators can do:

  • paste in an existing script, allowing users to estimate the time it will take for a voiceover artist to narrate the script
  • add an estimated word count for a script that hasn’t yet been written, which gives an estimated video length based on the word count and narration speed

Voiceover Tool also allows its users to download the text-to-speech version of the audio, which the system auto-generates. Users can choose from multiple voiceover options, like "Matthew" or "Kendra", before downloading the audio file.

"It's hard to write a script and then translate it into audio. Text to speech gives better insight into how the narration will sound with the video," Prospero says.

Previously, course creators had to work and rework their scripts to fit certain length requirements. Now, users can rely on Voiceover Tool to write more realistic, effective scripts without the back and forth.