LEO Learning

New Model for Creating and Designing Hybrid Learning

Brighton (UK), August 2021 - LEO Learning, a market leader in global learning strategy, content, and technology, has released a new ebook detailing its five-stage model for hybrid learning. The ebook covers a range of aspects, from the history and future of hybrid to the design, planning, and logistics of running a hybrid session.

"The 5-Stage Model for Hybrid Learning: What It Is, How It Works, and Why We Need It" discusses a range of areas surround hybrid learning and the new model including

  • the history of hybrid learning
  • why hybrid learning is both important and inevitable
  • the mindset shift needed to adopt hybrid learning
  • the five-stage model including technology, design, planning, and delivery
  • the future of hybrid in the workplace

The 27-page ebook was written by one of LEO’s hybrid-learning experts, Strategic Consulting Lead, Rose Benedicks, who says, "Hybrid learning isn’t new, but it is unfamiliar territory for many organizations. As the working world becomes more hybrid as we prepare to move on from the Covid-19 pandemic, learning needs to adapt, too."

With the move to hybrid learning likely to become a widespread strategy, the ebook sets out a new model for the end-to-end creation, delivery, and revision of hybrid teaching in the modern workplace.

Rose added, "Hybrid learning is all about designing learning experiences that can be shared across physical and digital spaces. While I firmly believe it’s an inevitable development in learning, there’s a mindset shift needed among L&D teams that are ready to start doing it. This ebook is really here to help L&D professionals with that mindset shift and then help them through the process. Like most great learning design, this process is ongoing and the future of hybrid has a lot of exciting potential."