New Product for the Age of the Self-Directed Learner

London (UK), August 2018 - Lumesse Learning is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new product for the self-directed learner, designed to help organisations succeed in today's digitally transforming business environment.

me:time was created and conceived by the Lumesse Learning team following an extensive process of consultation and research into the needs of learners and learning professionals. Employees are increasingly taking control of their own learning, and at the same time, organisations are discovering that nurturing and supporting a culture of self-directed learning increases their ability to survive and thrive. Early findings from the first 300 learning leaders in the Towards Maturity L&D Health Check highlighted that almost all (94%) are looking to improve self-directed learning. The rise of the digital learner has also led to a transformation in learning. Learners are digital consumers, and it is not unreasonable for them to expect the same level of maturity offered in all their digital experiences, be it shopping, sharing or learning new skills. Many organisations are going through digital transformation programmes that require them to nurture more self-directed learning behaviours. Offering a consumer-style experience, me:time puts the needs of self-motivated learners first, giving instant anywhere access to curated learning supported by AI-driven recommendations. A system of credits allocated by the organisation gives learners full control over their personal me:time budget. me:time opens up a world of learning from a network of content partners, which includes Filtered, Good Practice, Culture Wizard, Skill Pill, Speexx, Practice Labs, and many more. me:time allows your employees to access wide-ranging curated content from the world's leading providers on business skills, personal development, and leisure and lifestyle, too. Mehdi Tounsi, VP Americas & Global Alliances for Speexx, said "We are very excited about working with Lumesse, which has been a key player in the talent management and learning space. With the launch of the me:time platform, they are truly disrupting the industry and putting the power back in the hands of the learners." Andrea Miles, General Manager for Lumesse Learning, said, "me:time represents a radical rethink in learning control and choice, freeing the learner to self-serve. We're passionate about this new approach because we think it can contribute massively to the wellbeing of employees. "Organisations too will benefit, as they know they need to encourage continuous learning in the face of increasing demands to be nimble and smart, and meeting the challenges of talent retention, management of emerging talent, and mobility. We're incredibly excited about what we've created and look forward to introducing it to all our valued clients and to progressive players across all sectors." me:time delivers an effortless learning experience by making learning easier for employees to access, consume and apply.