Data-Driven Services

Nixu’s Growth Strategy Focuses on Cybersecurity

Espoo (FI), June 2018 - In 2014, Nixu Corporation, a European cybersecurity services company, launched its new growth strategy. This strategy enabled Nixu to achieve substantial international growth and to begin its transformation from a consulting company to a scalable services company. The Nixu Board of Directors has decided to update the strategy to account for both current market trends and its newly acquired standing.

Reflecting the company’s mission, “we keep the digital society running", the Nixu growth strategy will focus particularly on cybersecurity services for digital business transformation. Developing and delivering cybersecurity services that enable clients to utilize the opportunities provided by the Industrial Internet of Things and digital identities will be a key priority for Nixu. 

The renewed growth strategy is based on four strategic development areas:

  1. Cybersecurity talent community - As an expert organization, Nixu’s success will rely on its ability to retain, recruit and train the best cybersecurity specialists in the business. By following its previous strategy and its vision of being "the best workplace for cybersecurity professionals", the company has already reached several remarkable milestones in creating a strong company culture and good working practices. In the future, Nixu’s international growth will rely heavily on its standing and reputation among the international information security community. To keep up with the need for new cybersecurity specialists, Nixu will also offer training programs and conversion courses for future talent.
  2. Cybersecurity partner for digitalization - Traditionally, protecting companies’ and public organizations’ internal networks and systems has provided the bulk of most cybersecurity companies’ business. However, an increasing number of businesses are making the transformation to build new digital service models, which means exponential growth in the demand for cybersecurity services for these new businesses. Nixu wants to provide a holistic variety of services specifically tailored to companies in the process of digital transformation and to serve as a cybersecurity partner in their digital business. The company has identified growth opportunities, especially in enabling clients to make full use of the Industrial IoT and digital identities.
  3. Data-driven services on global platforms - The traditional consulting business relies on the expertise of individual consultants or an extensive case portfolio. Similarly to its clients, Nixu wants to transition into a digital business model: one that relies on data on shared systems. Not only can the data collected in these systems be used for serving clients, it will also allow the company to increasingly utilize machine learning in developing its operations, especially in the future. Nixu’s scalable, technology-based continuous services will be built on leading global platforms and cloud services.
  4. Expanding Nixu’s market presence - Keeping close to the client’s decision-makers is a key factor in building trust, especially when operating in a service business. In order to achieve its vision of becoming the number-one choice as a trusted cybersecurity partner for companies with headquarters in Northern Europe, Nixu must expand its market presence in the region. This can be achieved by opening up new markets through targeted sales activities and strategic acquisitions. Even though Nixu wants to serve its clients globally, its primary network of experts will be established across Northern Europe.  

By focusing its development efforts on the above strategic themes, Nixu intends to achieve its vision and be the best workplace for cybersecurity professionals and the number one choice as a trusted cybersecurity partner of digital business for companies headquartered in Northern Europe.