Corporate Learning Content

Omniplex and Skillsoft Announce Enterprise Partnership in China

Beijing (CN), December 2017 - Omniplex and Skillsoft have announced a partnership that will enable customers in China to access the most engaging corporate learning content with secure Skillsoft cloud access. The partnership will help organisations upskill their workforce by providing greater eLearning content choice.

Customers in China will be able to deploy Skillsoft content, including over 500,000 courses, videos, authoritative content chapters, and micro-learning modules, for both professional and personal upskilling, from any device.

As the only partner of Skillsoft in mainland China, Omniplex will localise Skillsoft content - including leadership development, business acumen, self-management, and compliance - for the Chinese market. Omniplex will also collaborate with Skillsoft to offer IT skills courses and certifications to customers in a wide range of Microsoft Office applications, cloud computing, software development, networking, and project management.

Skillsoft are "deeply committed to giving businesses what they need in employee training", complementing Omniplex's own ethos. "Our customers' learning environments are changing rapidly to meet the dynamic nature of the new generation in workplaces today," said Omniplex's China country manager Sophia Xing.

"At Omniplex, we are committed to providing greater choice and flexibility to customers by providing end-to-end eLearning solutions, including high-end bespoke eLearning content, as well as industry-leading off-the-shelf content. This collaboration with Skillsoft brings the most beautifully designed courses to the domestic market and will benefit our customers training and development efforts."