Video Training Platform

SABE Extend Rebrands To bugle

Lisbon (PT), June 2018 - Bugle is the new brand for SABE Extend, the Lisbon-based corporate video training SaaS. The new brand reinforces the company’s vision for simplifying corporate online video training, making it quick and easy to train, engage, and connect with customers, partners, and employees. With Bugle, companies can quickly set up and brand their online academies, define their learning audiences, publish and manage video courses, as well as monitor overall and individual training results.

"A bugle is a musical instrument that has been used as a means of communication for centuries. The bugle can be heard over long distances, and the sound can be heard in a noisy environment, so it is highly effective to communicate information and to extend knowledge to many people, wherever they are, whenever they need it. The sound of a bugle is clear, simple, and beautiful," says Bugle Founder and CEO João Ferro Rodrigues "At Bugle, we have built this incredible online tool that allows companies to share video training, quizzes, challenges, articles, surveys, and events with large numbers of people spread around the world. Just like a bugle, our tool is simple to use, effective—and it’s quite beautiful."

The Bugle brand holds a lighter tone of voice to separate itself from the usual more-formal approach to corporate training. Everything is lighter—the name, the visuals, the communication style—to position Bugle as the easiest DIY video training solution in the market, one that allows literally anyone at the organization to create video courses, attend the published courses, and/or monitor its results.

The SABE Extend brand began being used in 2015 for the proprietary SaaS platform, where its sister brand SABE Online created and published a corporate online courses catalog. Offering the platform as an autonomous product came as a natural consequence, as enterprise teams were attracted to the tool’s simplicity, ease of use, and beautiful interface. This online video-training tool allowed their teams to quickly publish and rollout video training without the need for extra staff or complex technological integrations.

Today, Bugle serves a variety of companies around the world, from fast-growing SMBs to big companies operating in multiple locations helping them connect, train, certify, and engage with channels, agents, sales reps, customers, partners, and employees.  These companies create and publish their own training videos, sometimes using only a smartphone and their team’s creativity. They also have the support of Bugle’s digital learning solutions team available to create or consult on their courses.