The MicroMBA

Skill Pill Launched Innovative Micro-Learning Package

London (UK), June 2017 - Digital learning agency Skill Pill is launching the MicroMBA (MMBA), a complete learning package designed to drive micro-learning content uptake and increase knowledge retention among work-based learners.

MMBA expertly maps Skill Pill's high-impact micro-learning courses and is created in partnership with Pearson Education and John Wiley.

The learning takes place in a single technology package on PC, tablet, or mobile, and records learner progression and rewards completion. Learners can explore themes such as problem solving and decision evaluation; responsible change management; and financial analysis.

SPML founder, Gerry Griffin, says, "This exciting new learning package represents a coming of age for micro-learning. We know that short-form learning can satisfy the needs of the 'just-in-time' generation, but the MMBA represents a whole new proposition. The 750 learning objects are organised into 'Beginner', 'Intermediate', and 'Advanced' levels and deal with significance organisational challenges, such as change management or creating innovative mindsets. The ability for us to tap into global business thinking from Pearson, Wiley and Financial Times Publishing gives MMBA the edge."

The package comprises

  • one course, three levels, 750 micro-learning objects
  • videos, quizzes, interactive exercises, audio casts, and text nuggets sourced from business bestsellers
  • ten modules, including Developing Leadership Capability, Implementing Strategy, The Innovation Mindset, and Responsible Change Management
  • material suitable for all business learners, from entry level to senior management
  • seamless integration into any learning-management system