Solution to Make Digitalisation and 21st-Century Learning Easy

Helsinki (FIN), December 2018 - Finnish education technology company and their German Partner asknet AG bring the award winning pedagogical gamification platform Seppo to Germany's university markets.

Seppo is a globally known solution that helps teachers and trainers use digitalisation and gamification as part of their teaching methods. The platform is used in over forty countries at all educational levels and in corporate trainings.

In October 2018, Seppo was selected for the second consecutive time as one of the 100 most inspiring educational innovations in the world by is a global non-profit organization that yearly nominates inspirational educational innovations based on suggestions by educational ambassadors from all around the world. Seppo is also a finalist in the Bett Awards, which will be held in London in January 2019.

"Gamification is a great way to add motivation and improve learning results. We are passionate about helping teachers and trainers to be able to meet the needs and requirements of modern day teaching and learning with increasing amount of digitalisation and fragmented learning cultures", says CEO of, Riku Alkio.

In Germany, Seppo has been piloted by The Europa-Universität Flensburg, where a team of professionals have been pioneers in using innovative solutions. Flensburg was the first university in Germany to take a Scandinavian concept of school adoption week as part of their teacher training program, and their experience with this concept has awoken interest in media and universities throughout Germany.

"The Europa-Universität Flensburg got the opportunity to use Seppo in our school-adoption program. The student teachers tried game-based learning in a primary school and were surprised about the increase in pupils' motivation and about the effects of learning in teams. The university team (Kirsten Grossmann, Johanna Gosch) also worked with Seppo in their pedagogy seminar. We enjoyed working with Seppo very much, and our students thought that it was a great opportunity to use this platform for learning", says Johanna Gosch, Project Manager of EUF from The Europa-Universität Flensburg.

In Germany, Seppo is part of asknet AG's product offering.