Business Coaching

Speexx Introduces AI-Based Coach Matching with Speexx Matchmaker™

Munich (GER), September 2023 - Speexx, an industry leader for digital people development, has announced details of the Speexx Matchmaker™ smart algorithm for its cutting-edge coaching solution Speexx Business Coaching. Speexx Matchmaker™ is one of the world's most powerful matching smart algorithms, using data science, AI-powered technology, and the latest evidential research to connect the coachees with their perfectly matched coach.

Speexx Matchmaker™ is powered by a sophisticated needs assessment process in which the coachee's objectives are considered, alongside a multitude of matching parameters - all underpinned by scientific coaching research, resulting in the perfect match. The feature simplifies the challenging process of finding the right coach by utilizing the smart algorithm to present several matches for coachees, increasing the likelihood of a successful coaching relationship and outcome for the coachee.

If the coachee's goals change, Speexx Matchmaker™ can simply restart the needs-assessment process to source the top coaches who are compatible with these new objectives. Speexx Matchmaker™ unlocks access to a global pool of coaches, presenting the top three matches adjusted to each coachee, and giving the possibility to load additional profiles, which are ranked in order of compatibility. 

"At Speexx, we are leveraging technology to best support people in their strategic goals and tasks. Speexx Matchmaker™ is an algorithm that allows for global matching of coaches and coachees, respecting individual objectives, industry experience, and personality traits", said Beate Gallist, Head of Product at Speexx.

"Speexx Matchmaker™ is one of the many tools we use to ensure our Business Coaching offering really aligns with our clients' business and HR strategy. It not only ensures that coaching participants can choose the most suitable coach for their needs, but also that the chosen coach gets the most accurate contextual information to make coaching successful from the start. This is what makes Speexx Matchmaker™ truly unique," said Geoffroy de Lestrange, Global Head of Business Coaching at Speexx.