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Sponge Partners with Snap Inc.'s Global Head of Learning

Bristol (UK), June 2023 – Digital learning provider Sponge has launched "The Unforgettable Learning Podcast", which can be found on most major podcast streaming platforms. The podcast will be released monthly, with guests from Google and The Lego Group already set to feature, following the initial episode with Snap Inc.

Each episode will see podcast host Kate Pasterfield, co-founder of Sponge, converse with guests from the worlds of learning science, the arts, and technology - all in the name of exploring what it takes to make learning unforgettable.

"We're thrilled to be launching this podcast," said Olivia Haywood, Chief Marketing Officer at Sponge. "It's a way to bring a distilled taster of the insights that Sponge is lucky to gain through our network of the great and the good of the L&D world. The reception we've received from the guests who have agreed to feature has been fantastic and it's an honour to be able to share their experiences and expertise with a wider audience."

Released on 07 June, the launch episode features guest Stacey Long-Genovese, Global Head of Education, Learning, and Training at Snap Inc. Stacey shares insights gleaned from a winding career path in training, through which she found empowering others to be a guiding principle.

The Unforgettable Learning Podcast S1, Ep 1: Augmented Reality, "blank canvas creators", and experiential learning at Snap Inc. At Snap, Stacey’s mission is to build a world with more AR developers - and she's pioneering the use of immersive tech to do it.

Stacey shares with us her passion for the possibilities that experiential and immersive learning solutions can bring us, asking us to imagine learning about astronomy in a situation in which the stars fill the room, or geometry where we pull the corners of triangles to visually experience concepts that were once on paper.

This is what AR allows us to do and - for those who can navigate its unique combination of design, storytelling, computer science… and the rest - it's opening up entirely new ways to learn at work.

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