Social Learning Platform

The HT2 Labs Guide to Learning Experience Platforms

Oxford (UK), February 2019 - Authored by CEO Ben Betts, HT2 Labs have released a comprehensive guide to L&D’s latest innovation: the learning experience platform.

The last eighteen months have seen learning experience platforms (LXP) emerge from relative obscurity to the forefront of L&D’s global conversation, overtaking the traditional learning management system (LMS) as the most talked about tool to keep up with the demands of modern learners.   

The LXP has core foundations in the principles of the social learning platform and continues to shift the focus from the top-down, one-size-fits-all approach to training that is typically delivered by a standard LMS, to a structure that enables dynamic, data-driven, and personalized professional development.

This is done by curating and aggregating content, presenting career pathways, building on skills development, and guiding the users’ learning experience with highly relevant, bespoke content recommendations based on their activity. Different learning experiences are constructed depending on what suits each learner best. In effect, personalization is the core of the LXP.

The HT2 Labs Guide to the Learning Experience Platform offers context around the LXP, why it is fundamentally different from the previously adopted LMS, and how to use, implement, and manage it effectively.

The guide explores the following areas:

  • LXPS: Are they any different?
  • What is an LXP?
  • LXP vs. LMS -What’s really the difference?
  • the seven habits of highly effective LXPs
  • implementation strategy

Featuring vital information on the core features and functionality of the learning experience platform, the guide also includes three individual case studies from HT2 Labs’ repertoire; those who are already using (and reaping the benefits) of an LXP.