iSpring Suite Max

To Create eCourses in Multiple Languages Fast

Alexandria, VA (USA), March 2022 - iSpring Solutions Inc., a world-renowned vendor of eLearning software and services, announced the release of a new iSpring Suite Max feature that will let content creators make courses in multiple languages much faster. They'll no longer need to translate and rebuild courses manually for employees located in different countries.

iSpring Suite Max is an all-in-one solution that allows users to create versatile eLearning content-interactive courses, quizzes, video tutorials, conversation simulations, SCORM-compliant eBooks, and interactions, with no design skills or IT background required. It also comes with an online space in which users can store content, work on it together with their team, and share it with stakeholders for approval.

With this release, course developers will no longer need to replace the texts manually on each slide when localizing a course. They'll be able to export all the texts in a single file, translate them, and import them back to iSpring Suite Max with just a couple of clicks. The text will change automatically throughout the course, together with quizzes, dialogue simulations, and interactions.

"iSpring Suite Max is appreciated by thousands of users for its ability to allow building professional content fast. With this update, we offer our clients who need to create learning materials in multiple languages a new way to speed up the authoring process," says Nail Yusupov, Product Development Manager at iSpring. "Besides, it will help course developers reduce mistakes in localized content. When copying a text from a document to a course, there's always the risk of making a mistake: skip a slide, delete a word, or add the same sentence twice. Since iSpring changes texts in each slide automatically, this will help avoid such inaccuracies."

iSpring Suite Max is available for download at the iSpring Solutions website and can be used with a fully functional trial for 30 days.