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Tools to Help Navigate the Current COVID-19 Outbreak

Glendale, CA (USA), April 2020 - To help leaders and their teams tap into and use "emotional intelligence" (EI) to cope and stay effective during the current coronavirus crisis, PSI has launched an online program.

The current coronavirus outbreak has presented us with challenges we’ve never experienced. How we react during challenging times is largely determined by our emotional intelligence (EI) and how equipped we are to manage ourselves and our relationships with others. EI is an important inner reserve that we can all draw on for support and is a resource that’s proven to be both developable and sustainable over time. 

"It’s heartening to see so many people around the world taking positive action, whether it be the exemplary work by those in healthcare; essential businesses keeping open to ensure our communities have food, supplies, and medical equipment; or companies offering creative ways to help and inspire others," said Peter Celeste, President of Global Talent Management at PSI. "As a global family of business psychologists, it’s in our DNA to want to help. We believe we can do our small bit to support people by providing free access to our emotional intelligence programme, supporting people in a simple yet practical way."

In order to provide practical solutions for organisations and their employees right now, PSI is offering:

  • the EI Zone app – free access to download PSI’s app, full of information and activities designed to build EI
  • practical EI videos – short videos recorded by PSI’s talent management experts, with advice and tips to help you manage your emotional response to the crisis, and to keep yourself as well and effective as possible. Topics include an introduction to EI, maintaining focus, staying well, and remote team working.
  • Leadership Lounges – practical webinars for leaders. These sessions cover leading in a crisis, maintaining your own and your team’s wellbeing, and communicating in a virtual landscape.

Jill Pennington, Consulting Director for PSI Talent Management, leads the team providing these resources. "Research proves that emotional intelligence (EI) is an invaluable resource during times of stress, challenge, and high uncertainty," says Jill. "High levels of EI have been shown to build resilience, enable high performance, and enhance wellbeing. Emotional intelligence is also strongly linked to flexible, agile leadership, as well as effective change management. We know that leadership climate, or how it feels to work for someone, is strongly linked to their EI – so now more than ever a leader’s EI is paramount." 

This program will equip people with the tools they need to better manage themselves, other people, and their organisation through the current crisis. It does this by supporting simple and actionable behavior change, such as checking in with your emotions and finding a healthy balance between meeting your own needs and the needs of those around you.