New Partnership

Traineasy Enters Employee Engagement Arena

Sarah LambieMilton Keynes (UK), September 2020 - Traineasy has announced a new strategic partnership with employee engagement and performance management specialists StaffCircle. The new relationship will help organisations combine HR, Comms, and Performance Improvement with powerful, modern learning management and content solutions.

A recent study has found that almost half of the learner population would like learning to become more social and collaborative, and 45% want access to shorter sessions such as microlearning, reflecting the need to fit learning into the busy working day. Traineasy's next-generation learning management system, LMS-X™, will soon be available on the StaffCircle platform to help companies deliver a wealth of engaging, relevant content in a variety of formats whilst tracking and reporting on training compliance and competencies. In addition, the two companies intend to offer the ability to integrate StaffCircle's Culture and Comms module into LMS-X for customers who want to be able to offer a more personalised social learning experience.

Sarah Lambie, Director of Business Development at Traineasy, said, "Integrating our modern LMS with StaffCircle's employee engagement platform will enable us to offer a single ecosystem for the delivery of training, HR functions, and comms to strengthen culture and improve the employee experience. We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the StaffCircle team and believe our partnership will bring great benefits, most of all to our customers."

Mark Seemann, CEO of StaffCircle, believes that the partnership will bring many benefits. "The right approach to talent management is critical for attracting and retaining top talent in the post-pandemic world. Performance management and learning and development have been identified as the biggest drivers of employee engagement. Engaged employees are more productive and less likely to leave. The StaffCircle - Traineasy integration will offer businesses a ‘one-stop shop' for digital HR, culture, and capability academies, providing the tools to create a resilient organisation that can thrive regardless of what the future might bring."

The integration of Traineasy's LMS-X with StaffCircle means customers of the employee  engagement and performance management platform will be able to create their own capability academies through self-directed learning, using either a micro or macro learning approach, thus not only offering employees and leadership an HR platform, but a learning platform as well. Likewise, Traineasy customers who want the ability to increase engagement and participation in digital learning content will have the option to add the Comms and Culture integration from StaffCircle, allowing them to encourage more connectivity, peer-to-peer learning, and collaboration in their business through ongoing interaction and internal comms.