New Range of Reporting

Training Effectiveness and Impact on Job Performance

Dublin (IE), February 2018 - TestReach, a global provider of cutting edge e-assessment solutions has recently announced the launch of an innovative new offering to measure training effectiveness. More specifically, it quantifies the impact that training has made on job performance and in the achievement of key business goals.

TestReach, providers of innovative technology that allows any type of exam to be run and invigilated over the Web, has announced the launch of a range of new reporting features that enable detailed tracking of the effectiveness of training and its impact on job performance. This launch coincided with the Learning Technologies event in London.

The new reporting features unveiled at Learning Technologies provide a solution to a major challenge facing any large organisation, which is to provide data that shows how impactful training has been. Using a structured approach that includes questionnaires, tests, and configurable graphical dashboards, TestReach engages with training participants, managers, and trainers to collate and present data for every training course run. This data enables management to see the impact, not just in terms of increased levels of knowledge, but also in terms of performance improvement and additional achievement against specific targets and goals.

"Working with our client corporations, especially in heavily regulated industries like life sciences and financial services, we are aware of the pressure on learning and development teams to prove the impact of the training they are doing," said Louella Morton, Executive Director at TestReach.
She expanded by saying, "There are very significant costs associated with training, not just the hard cost of paying for trainers and venues, but also the substantial hidden cost of taking individuals away from their work. It is understandable that senior management wants to see a return. They want to make sure that the costs are justified and that there is a positive outcome for the business, and these new graphical tools provide tangible metrics to directly correlate training activity with business impact." 

Sheena Bailey, CEO TestReach, added, "Given the lack of a quality solution in this area, many training departments have to rely on participant comments and a few training feedback sheets, managed using a survey tool, emails and a spreadsheet, as a way to show they are making a difference."
She went on to explain, "Using our new structured solution, with minimal effort and within a short period of time, hard evidence relating to training effectiveness can be compiled and presented in a graphical and very easily digested format. It's not an additional overhead, but rather a simple streamlined process that helps drive user engagement and in which the steps are completely automated."

"This is a game-changer for training management," continued Bailey, "through which tangible metrics are collected, measured, and presented in a systematic and automated way. Not only can senior management actually see the impact training is having, but key insights are also provided into the training function and where potential improvements can be made. It is a new approach that supports all four levels of the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, and we're already seeing some very positive results."