GP Strategies & Quantum5

Transforming Automotive Retail Industry Support

Columbia, MD (USA), January 2024 - GP Strategies (GP) and Quantum5 (Q5) are joining forces to bring workforce insights and leading-edge learning solutions to OEMs and automotive retail networks in service of the modern learner and a frictionless retail experience.

Automotive retail is changing rapidly, and so are learning and the learner. Today's employees want agency over their learning and development. They need easy access to a variety of content that addresses the real challenges they experience in showrooms and service drives every day.

Learners need consistent access to learning content across multiple devices and in the flow of work. This partnership combines GP's learning content services, Q5's human-centered and multifaceted engagement engine, and both teams' in-depth automotive experience and proprietary content to deliver a robust solution. This solution will help upskill and reskill learners at all levels and provide unlimited ways to develop and grow.

Companies typically piece together learning technologies and then populate them with off-the-shelf (OTS) or custom content from multiple providers, but GP and Q5 are fully integrated. "Whether developing bespoke content, drawing from GP's ContentFlex™ library, or Q5's Frictionless™ curriculum, we offer our clients a one-stop shop for learning, from the boardroom to the frontline, and address every moment of need," said Russ Becker, GP's Co-CEO.

"We think of ourselves as the Tesla of the learning industry," said Ken Herfurth, Co-Founder and Chief Vision Officer for Q5. "Tesla collects and uses vehicle data to enhance the driving experience, Quantum5 leverages learning and performance data to enable humans to become the best version of themselves. We are excited to partner with GP Strategies and to have the opportunity to level up the learning experience across automotive and other industries."

Cathy Palochko, head of Global Automotive for GP, will lead the alliance. She will work closely with both teams to leverage their collective capabilities and expertise. Cathy noted that "this partnership will revolutionize automotive learning by combining data-driven workforce insights, industry-leading learning design and development, and a new breed of learning technology into a single solution that is easily deployed, drives high engagement, and quickly delivers ROI."