Case Study

UpsideLMS Helps MIT Panama Achieve Compliance Training

UpsideLMSPune (IN), June 2019 - UpsideLMS has helped Manzanillo International Terminal-Panama (MIT Panama) successfully deliver compliance training to its 1200+ diverse employees through a full-featured solution with great functionality, flexibility, and cost effectiveness that meets the organization’s objectives on levels.

Educating your employees on laws, regulations, and company policies and procedures is critical for avoiding law violations and maintaining a safe working environment. Ensuring that employees receive proper training and understand their roles and responsibilities is key for them to do their jobs safely and lawfully. Needless to say, compliance training is an essential component of your L&D, and organizations are bound to actively engage in compliance training programs.

Similarly, for Manzanillo International Terminal, Panama (MIT Panama), a maritime company dealing in port services, cargo movement, transshipment operations, and container handling for import and export,  compliance is extremely critical to not only avoid costly fines and delays, but also to achieve a reputation for excellence, as well as increase profitability and market share. MIT Panama's learning and development (L&D) department, formed in 2013, worked toward addressing some of its key compliance challenges.

However, the complexity of MIT Panama's training challenge was less about its compliance related training and more about its disparate and diverse employee base, which comprises a mix of white- and blue-collar workers, and people working in shifts and across dispersed locations. Furthermore, as it introduced L&D initiatives to its workforce, it encountered newer challenges like access and on-time completion of corporate programs, addressing training gap issues, and implementation of mandatory internal policies and procedures. MIT Panama's key objectives were to adhere to compliance regulations, increase operational efficiency, and ensure learning is easily accessible anytime and anywhere.

The latest UpsideLMS case study, entitled "UpsideLMS helps MIT Panama achieve company-wide Compliance Training", offers detailed insights into the challenges faced by MIT Panama in terms of delivering compliance training and how UpsideLMS was identified as the perfect fit for its range of functionality, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Apart from highlighting the challenges and the comprehensive solution implemented by UpsideLMS, the case study also outlines valuable information about challenges face by global organizations in terms of literacy, diversity, and technology adoption that will help L&D professionals and organizations alike.

With more and more organizations looking to be compliant and thus avoid paying hefty non-compliance fines, the case study acts as an effective guide that will help businesses analyze their compliance needs, understand their requirements, and make an informed choice that not only successfully achieves compliance, but also drives employee engagement and helps achieve desired business objectives.