Mobile First

UpsideLMS Mobile Apps Available on Its Self Set-Up Trial Area

Pune (IN), July 2018 - UpsideLMS is a multi-award-winning, cloud based learning management system. The company has recently released native mobile apps for iOS and Android - along with its existing multi-device responsive support - to provide its users with an enhanced, seamless learning experience. To enable organizations in the process of selecting a mobile-first/ mobile-friendly learning platform to get a real taste of the product and thereby make an informed decision, the LMS has now integrated the mobile app component in its 14-day trial.

UpsideLMS' Self Set-up Trial Area, available on its website, is an easy-to-setup form page that takes under a minute to sign up and get rolling. It is equipped with a hand-holding section called "Help Wizard" and has abundant pre-created content that not only help the user get started with the system immediately, but helps in demonstrating how different learning elements "actually" appear to the users. With the integration of mobile apps in the trial area, registered users can now experience true mLearning on their Android smartphones and tablets, and iPhones and iPads.

Key features of the UpsideLMS Mobile App include

  • Secure mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • UpsideLMS Mobile’s one-time verification code-based user authentication, which ensures that the training data is secured at all times
  • continuous and seamless on the go learning
  • the ability for learners to go back and forth between desktops/ laptops/ smartphones/ tablets, each time seamlessly picking up from where they left off
  • complete tracking and reporting, which can be drawn in the form of reports for analysis and business intelligence.

Apart from access to eLearning, assessments, surveys, reference documents, and other "formal" training modes, learners can collaborate, share, and learn from peers, subordinates, and seniors alike through UpsideLMS' Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration modules.