General Assembly

Upskilling Programs to Prepare Businesses for an AI-Driven Economy

New York, NY (USA), February 2024 - Business leaders now have a new resource to prepare their workforce for an AI-enabled future of work, thanks to a suite of programs launched recently by General Assembly, whose talent development platform serves global employers including Adobe, Microsoft, and Humana.

Designed to both respond to and anticipate the growing role of artificial intelligence in the workplace, the new programs will enable organizations across a range of industries to provide critical AI skills training to technical and non-technical workers alike.

"As generative AI upends the way businesses grow and operate, the highest-performing teams will be those who use AI to meet strategic goals across their organization," said Gretchen Jacobi, SVP of Enterprise at General Assembly. "This is about helping forward-thinking companies make that shift by prioritizing AI skills and fluency at every level of the enterprise, from junior and mid-level employees to the executive suite."

Recent research suggests that over 80% of executives expect generative AI will lower overall business costs and increase revenue, but according to a survey conducted by General Assembly and Wakefield Research, a majority of tech leaders fear that their organization lacks the talent needed to reach their digital transformation goals. To help companies realize the transformative potential of AI, General Assembly's new interactive programs, designed by industry leaders at the forefront of AI development and implementation, will prepare workers across a variety of skill and experience levels to utilize artificial intelligence to drive business outcomes.

The programs include

  • AI for Leaders, which provides an efficient overview of the AI landscape to arm C-suite leaders with the foundational knowledge needed to make informed decisions on applying generative AI tools across teams.
  • Applied AI for Business Consultants outlines how to effectively communicate AI concepts, practice the fundamentals of workflow automation, and navigate the ethical considerations of utilizing artificial intelligence.
  • Applied Generative AI, designed specifically for non-technical employees, will equip professionals across a range of specialties (including product managers, analysts, and marketers) to become more productive by leveraging AI in real-world business scenarios like accessing data and drafting prompts.
  • Applied AI Engineering, designed for software engineers and data scientists, helps technical employees build their AI competencies and master techniques like prompt engineering and real-time code generation using Github Co-pilot.

"The rise of AI is only accelerating the pace of technological change, and businesses are struggling to keep up," said Daniele Grassi, President/CEO of General Assembly. "Staying ahead of the curve will require new approaches to talent development that are not just faster than traditional training models, but also better aligned to both immediate enterprise needs and future priorities. These programs represent a critical next step in our ongoing effort to prepare General Assembly's enterprise partners worldwide to lead tomorrow's AI-driven economy."